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Introduced as an idea by one resident of Mt. Pleasant in 1950 after attending a co-operative conference in Puerto Rico, Peter Roach, influenced his fellow villagers to embrace the co-operative spirit, and thus the Mt. Pleasant Credit Union was born.

Registered on June 10th 1950, Today our membership has grown to over 16,000 with an asset base of $250 million dollars.

We have expanded to include a Branch Office at Bon Accord and have established a subsidiary company Total Holdings Ltd. (pioneering Land Development amongst Credit Unions.)


Mt. Pleasant Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited as a Savings and Credit Co-operative will lead in the growth and development of its membership by providing a profitable range of services in an efficient and caring manner through a highly valuable professional and dedicated staff.


Mt. Pleasant Credit Union will be the leading Credit Union in the Caribbean in the provision of Financial and social services for its members and in the Satisfaction of the whole gamut of their development needs.

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Mt. Pleasant Credit Union does not stand alone. We are part of a larger body and have affiliations with other institutions that enhances our purpose.

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