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Mt. Pleasant Credit Union

Medical Insurance

The Plan is for the benefit of all financial members of the Credit Union and their families.

Death Benefit

All members over the age of 14 years and under the age of 60 years old are eligible to join:

Death by any cause $40,000.00
(except suicide & A.I.D.S.)


Death by Accident $40,000.00
The Death Benefit is on the life of the member only and Evidence of Insurability is required from all members.

Medical Assistance

This Plan will reimburse a percentage of any expenses made by the enrolled member according to the benefits or care which includes stay at a private Hospital, any surgery performed by a surgeon, expenses made because of visits to a doctor, cost of drugs prescribed by the doctor, x-rays or laboratory investigations normal or abnormal expenses due to pregnancies.

Dental Care

Any dental work one on enrolled members and their family after six months of the effective date of cover.

Vision Care

Spectacle or contact lenses once every year. Frames every two years.

Six months waiting period are necessary for Vision.

Major Medical Cover

An expense of $50,000.00 is afforded on enrolled members and on each member of a family in the event of any major expense due to illness or accident, once in a three-year period.


Dependents are spouse, legal or common law, and unmarried children up to 19 years living in the member’s household and dependent on the enrolling member for financial support.

Joining the Plan

All joining members must complete a medical questionnaire on themselves and members of their family.

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